Celtics Win

The Celtics Defeat The Denver Nuggets 112-99

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I will be the first Celtics fan to say I was worried when the game first started. The first four possession’s ended in lack luster offense that result in last second three pointers. Poor offense had me pulling off what little hair I have left. Jokic look like Thanos. Every shot he put up seemed to find its way into the basket. The Celtics players stayed poised and stuck to what helped them win in the past. Ball Movement!

By the start of the second quarter that Celtics had 9 assist on 12 FG. The emergence of Jaylen Brown as a play maker has been fun to watch. Brown ended the game with 5 of the Celtics assist.

Robert Williams was very active!

Robert Williams earned his minutes tonight. Providing hustle plays that may not always show up in the box score. Playing great defense, making the right reads, passes, and being a force in the middle. Timelord had himself an all around game.

Aaron Nesmith came alive this game and made the most out of his opportunity. He made several key defensive reads. Shot 50% from FG, and 3P and ended the night with a +20.

The Celtics withstood the Jokic storm, and are set to play the Atlanta Hawks. Lets hope they can continue with there great play.