Top Tier Diss


Sharing Is Caring

Ms Hustle catches wreck in her new Top Tier Diss. The Harlem emcee waste zero time as she aggressively takes shots at the battle rap community.


Bar Exam – Lets Break Down These Bars

There is a lot of copies lets speak facts (Fax) then
You don’t strike me as fire I be seeing you matches
Why would they give me Verb? She wasn’t bout no action

25 second mark, Ms Hustle

Straight from the jump Ms Hustle is not playing any games! Heavy use of double entendre’s as she continues to smack up A Verb.

I’ll pop a pussy lie a dance hall
Mook was supposed to kill em first you messed up the plans dog
Thats what they mean send a Bitch to do a mans job

Ms Hustle

Hitman you still ducking me It was ya homeboy and not you luckly
And tell Showout my sista with the fuckery
Nigga we know the ropes so don’t think about jumping me

Ms Hustle

A lot of quotable bars from Ms Hustle. I honestly feel sorry for her next opponent.

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