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Rowdy Rebel Talks To Elliott Wilson on Tidal Check In

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Rowdy Rebel checks in with hip-hop journalist goat Elliott Wilson to have a conversation. Rowdy touched on a variety of topics from his responsibility, music colloboration and more.

At the 10 minute mark Elliott and Rowdy discuss the situation with Bobby Shmurda taking additional jail time to look out for his comrade.

I think knowing the fact that he took more time so you could get less time I think it made people really connect to you guys. How do you feel now being that he’s about to come home that, you guys handled this adversity in a honorable way. You did your time and carried forth. How does that make you feel?

Elliott Wilson Question To Rowdy Rebel at the 10 minute mark

Listen man I think about that shit all the time cause it was like they was really trying to railroad us and we found a way out of it. It was sad that the bro had to sacrifice his self for us to get out of it. I want to say I owe my bro something cause at the end of the day whats mine is his regardless feel me! It do weigh heavy on my heart knowing damn, I’m the reason why like two years of more bro’s life was still taken, I’m the reason my boy career was on the slow down (feel me). He never ever had any regrets. Even when I talked to him it was never brought up, it was never like “FOH nigga you got to do this for me because of what I did for you”. Never no corny shit! (feel me), nah hell no! It will never be feel me! Me as a man (feel me), me as the older one I sit back and think like damn my bro really special……….

– Rowdy Rebel Rebel Response To Elliott Wilson Question

Watch the full exchange below