J.I.D - Skegee (Official Video)

J.I.D – Skegee (Official Video)

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J.I.D releases visuals for “Skegee”. In the video J.I.D speaks to consciousness of the people. The song Skegee goes into deep history on the Tuskegee experiments. J.I.D creats a vivid picture with his rhymes as he raps:

Reminding me ’bout that place that did them nigga experiments
On them black people, sharecroppers, down in Alabama, damn
It’s not that far from Atlanta, it was the 1930s
They did them black folks dirty because a tan
A man was not a man, nigga, your granny wasn’t grand
A scam into the plan to go recruit a group of stupid niggas
And shoot them up with syphilis instead of shoot to kill ’em

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