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How MF’s Act When They Check Into A Nice Hotel (@louuuyoung)

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The good brother Lou Young is out here doing god’s work bringing quality content to the internet. In his latest comedy sketch the D.C Native discusses how the majority of us mother fuckers act after we check into a nice hotel!


Lou Young drop some classic bars that we all used when checking into them fancy hotels such as “Got That Hot Water“. It’s like Lou never misses with these sketches!

You can also find Lou Young on YouTube. Tune into to his previous episode to watch Coach Shlouuu reaction when Donte Gets Hurt

About Lou Young

“Born October 9th, 1991 in Washington, DC, Lou Young III is no stranger to the grind. From graduating from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration to become a 5 year NFL veteran cornerback, whatever Lou puts his mind to, he accomplishes. The budding comedian and actor kicked off his career by making videos in his living room and posting them on all social media platforms.

Within a year his views have reached millions and his following and fan base are steadily growing by the day.When he isn’t in the gym, on the field or in front of the camera, Lou Young is either with his daughter Alani or busy working on building his non-profit organization, HopeFinders Inc. and the Cody Young Foundation. Founded in memory of his late brother, the Cody Young Foundation strives to end gun violence by aiding at risk youth from ages 6 to 17 years old.

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