Cam’ron Ruffs Up Soccer Mom To Close Out Black History Month

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Update Soccer Mom Boyfriend find Out.

In a recent turn of events the “alleged soccer” mom that Cam’Ron was smashing has a boyfriend. Check out Killa Cams Instagram for more details >>

Well it looks like the Dipset boss is ending his Black History Month with a bang. Recently Cam’ron has taking to his Instagram to let the Internet know that his soccer mom neighbor has the hots for him. The first encounter of alleged soccer mom was her stalking Cam’ron out of there Condo building. Since then it looks like the two gotten close very quickly. In a new video from Killa Cam’s Instagram account (Which has recently been deleted for some strange reason), the Dipset CEO shows himself with “CONSENT” smacking his his new neighbor in the back of the head. Take a look below.

WARNING Graphic Detail. Again Trigger Warning!

The Internet’s reaction

Camron blames his new product “Pink Panther” that he is selling world wide! Killa we need you to relax man!