Bar Exam – Miles Bridges

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I must have been hiding under a rock. I had no idea that Miles Bridges was such a multi talented athlete. It seems like most left handed people are very artistic. When Miles Bridges is not catching wreck on the court. He is “sliding”, and destroying beats.

Lets break down and examine these bars from Miles Bridges.

Song – RTB Capo x RTB MB – “Steph McGrady”

I aint throwing 1’s in the strip I got cashapp
Fell like Trae Young wit da hoes imma pass that
If a nigga reaching for my chain he a flash back
Put a couple dots on his head he a snap back


Lets take a look at the internet reaction

YN Jay x Miles bridges – 1st Quarter

20, 30 hoes got me feelin’ like Coochie Man (Huh)
They shakin’ ass in the Telly, I just threw some bands (What?)
My new bitch bad as hell, we made a movie, damn (Okay)
She wanna argue all the time, I’ma do her friends (Let’s do it)
I ain’t shit, but they love me, I’m their favorite nigga (Huh)
She wanna hug me, but my time cost a payment, nigga (Yeah)
I’m on the road, all the hoes want a baby with me (Okay)
But I’ma hit her, then I skate, ain’t no layin’ with me (Naw)
R&B chick at the crib, blowin’ eighthies with me (Yeah)
Ass thick, slim waist, let me taste the kitty (Huh)
She got some friends and they bad, oh they on the way (Okay)
10 hoes plus me, had to hit up Jay (Huh)

– Miles Bridges

Miles talking real heavy in his raps! How are ya feeling “MB” bars?

If you want to hear more listen to Miles Bridges album “Up The Score”