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Dads and Sports The Reason Why Fathers Matter!

Source of Content – #NUMEDIA Nation UnitedSubscribe to #NUMEDIA – #NUMEDIA YOUTUBE Another amazing episode from #NUMEDIA. DJ Raw Uncut Truth, “Rev”, and Coach Joe take a deep dive on the impact that Black Fathers have had in sports. Enjoy!

Lamelo Ball

LaMelo Ball Is The Michael Jackson Of Basketball! (#NUMEDIA)

Source of content – #NUMEDIASource of Photo – https://clture.org/lamelo-ball/Follow DJs Raw Uncut Truth – @DjsrawtruthFollow “Rev” – @ElFuser9 #NUMEDIA takes a deep dive into Lamelo Ball basketball journey to the NBA. Pull up a seat to the “cookout” as the brothas break down why Lamelo Ball is the Michael Jackson of basketball.